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2009 little things Chardonnay
Durell Vineyard, Sonoma Coast

It’s the details, the little things, that create a compelling wine to keep you coming back for more. It starts and ends with the fruit – concentrated, ripe, balanced grapes from one of the best Chardonnay vineyards in California. Shepherding that fruit through fermentation, with meticulous attention to detail yet minimal intervention to preserve its purity. Enhancing that fruit through deft use of oak and lees aging. A creamy mouthfeel, undertones of spice, and vibrant citrus, golden delicious apple, and poached pear. All in harmony, turning complexity into pleasure.

2009 fruition Pinot Noir
Doctor's Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands

What is terroir? Sense of place, and what that means is immediately apparent in our two single-vineyard Pinot Noirs. Though vinified almost identically, they could not be more different within the spectrum of California Pinot Noir.  Fruition is full of fruit and lush on the palate, with creamy chocolate-covered cherry counterbalanced by racy acidity and spicy oak. Fruition of a dream, the iconic paradise that is California.

2009 zero eight one five Pinot Noir
La Encantada Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills

Like its sibling, the zero eight one five is not shy on fruit, with strawberry and bing cherry at the fore. The La Encantada terroir, though, evokes more than a passing comparison to top Burgundies, with that fruit intermingling with earthy loam, a savory palate, and an umami-inflected mouthfeel. Complexity, fused into one.

2008 little things Chardonnay
Jigsaw Vineyards Russian River Valley

The sunshine that peeks out of a swirling glass. The bright, crisp smell of mist on a golden harvest at dawn. You recline into your chair and hear the Russian River percolate through the stones. The devious whisper of spice. Your palate is wrapped in a plush, clean veil. Complexity, made simple by harmony. These are the little things.

2008 fruition Pinot Noir
Doctor's Vineyards Santa Lucia Highlands

Energetic black fruit gift wrapped on a bed of roses. Purity in the glass. Texture, clean rain, and soil. The perfume of reality blossoming the way your imagination dreamed it could. That is Fruition.

2008 zero eight one five Pinot Noir
La Encantada Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills

Jumps from the glass like damp forest beneath your feet. Definition across the palate. Bewitching full body, enchanting silk. Slow moving. The mouth-watering scent of a home cooked family recipe. Anise, orange peel, pitter patter. Rootbeer. A gratifying mouthful from life’s precious memories.

2007 foundation Cabernet - Oakville Napa Valley

Opacity and precision in the glass. A rich cabernet in focus, quietly allowed to be strong. Backbone, in a bottle. Tannins offer polished equality - no bullying here. The dark fruit broods with subtle tar. Mineral-laced and spicy. A most complete luxury. Balanced and long lasting. Foundation is a front row seat to graceful evolution.

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