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John and Adrienne Grunau have been on a journey.
A voyage to live a full life of friends and family; love and laughter. To follow passions, and never ignore dreams. Now, with the realization of Grunau Wines, their long-standing shared dream has transitioned into reality.

Blending impassioned curiosity and steady advancement with the finest premium vines in California, an extremely limited production of single vineyard wines is born.

John and Adrienne like nothing more than creating memories with the people they love and admire. In every bottle of Grunau Wines, you'll sense a zest for life. You'll taste humble courage. You'll open up a pleasure that invites you to sit back, relax, and raise a glass with someone you love.

The journey is in the bottle. Join us, we're just getting started!

From the bottom of our hearts - cheers.


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